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Facilities consulting, strategy and analysis

Your facility challenges solved

Organization leaders need actionable advice from seasoned, impartial experts. Why build if you can solve your facility challenges with no-build or low-build strategies?


  • Independent advice from trusted experts
  • Data-driven decision making for best outcomes
  • Commitment to operational excellence
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Good Projects Start With Strong Teams

Most projects fail when team members do not have clear objects and fail to communicate. An independent representative can bring all parties to the table, set clear expectations, and hold team members accountable to their responsibilities.

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What to Expect

Data-driven, knowledgeable, and personalized guidance in facility suitability, 


The best projects are developed based on solid data and metrics.


Your trusted advisor is always available to answer questions, test ideas, or explore new directions.


An independent consultant does not have a vested interest in any outcomes.


Each project is carried through to completion, having explored all relevant avenues.

Building a Career

Principal consultant Gregory S. Cavanaugh has spent over 20 years in architecture, facilities management, planning, and construction, for major organizations across the United States. He brings to his clients depth of experience, innovative thinking, and a commitment to operational excellence. 
Gregory S. Cavanaugh
Boston, MA